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Glass Buildings
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Projected was worked on at Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School

Our Inspiration

The overall concept of this project is for people to test their knowledge on different NBA teams. They would do this by seeing how well they can identify the NBA team logos. My design process was from a site called I saw a random bird generator where different breeds of birds were displayed and the user had to guess what type f bird was being displayed, so I wanted to do something similar but with NBA teams. My project works by displaying the various logos and the user will be prompted to select a text box with a variation of 3 different teams and if they choose the right one the screen will display "YOU ARE RIGHT" and if they choose the wrong team it will display "YOU ARE WRONG."

Slam Dunk

This project is a fun trivia game to test your knowledge on the various NBA teams logos. It  is a great way to pass time when you are bored. 


High School Basketball Game

I choose this project because basketball is one of my favorite sports and I had to create an app for my AP Computer Science class and I thought a trivia game would be a good idea. Code was implemented for this to work with a a combination of for loops, libraries, multiple variables and functions. 



The intentions of this project were met as it was meant to be a rather simple project that someone else who isn't an expert coder could also do something similar. Now that I have created this project I can possible branch out and do different topics or genres like guess actors, animals, or other sports teams logos. 

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